Analytic Consultants

Create a repeatable approach to analytics projects that you can leverage across all your clients

Commercial Real Estate

  • Deliver site, market, and portfolio management analytics that extend far beyond location


  • Make strategic decisions about network expansion, customer acquisition and retention, proactive maintenance, and other critical improvements

Consumer Packaged Goods

  • Achieve targeted, 'no-risk' merchandising with deeper insights into consumers and their spending habits

Energy & Utilities

  • Blend various data sources and use analytics to identify root causes of failure, minimize downtime and improve customer loyalty

Financial Services

  • Mitigate risk, gain deeper customer insight, and improve operational efficiency for higher margins


  • Create a unified picture of patient and healthcare operations without waiting on other departments

Higher Education

  • Prep, blend and analyze student and alumni data to recruit and enroll the best students, improve student retention, and target the right alumni for fundraising campaigns


  • Utilize analytics – predictive, statistical, and spatial – to identify the critical trends that impact product demand, yield, and reliability

Marketing Service Providers

  • Extend your product offerings to deliver multi-channel profiles and services with shorter turnaround times and greater accuracy

Media & Entertainment

  • Prep, blend, and analyze viewer consumption and demographic data to engage audiences with the right content and the right advertising through the right channels

Oil and Gas

  • Prep, blend, and analyze leverage multiple data sources to optimize efficiencies in the upstream, midstream and downstream processing of oil and gas.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

  • Improve drug safety, reduce R&D costs and mitigate regulatory risks with more reliable, evidence-based insights to maximize revenue


  • Drive network expansion and revenue optimization through sophisticated analytics that make the most of your operating capital


  • Stay focused on the customer with multi-channel, hyper-local, and site selection analytics


  • Easily join data from marketing automation and CRM systems; then prep, blend, and analyze customer feedback details to improve product development

Transportation & Logistics

  • Prep, blend, and analyze customer, vehicle, and location data to optimize transportation and logistics decisions, increasing efficiency for route and fleet management

Travel & Hospitality

  • Increase guest loyalty with deeper insights into traveler preferences, demand, and revenue through optimal service levels and staffing decisions.