Customer Churn Analytics

Combine all customer data to predict their service experience and propensity to churn, and take preventative action

Data Blending

  • Access, cleanse, and blend data from multiple sources using drag-and-drop tools with no coding required.

Data Cataloging

  • Discover, prioritize, manage, and understand all relevant information in your organization to improve analytic productivity and empower better business decisions for all.

Data Preparation

  • African Proficient Analytics empowers data analysts with the tools to maintain control, while accelerating the data blending process.

Data Profiling

  • Understand the health and quality of a dataset prior to building models with Data Profiling.

Hadoop Analytics

  • Query Hadoop data and integrate it with any other data source to build exactly the dataset needed for analysis

In-Database Processing

  • Accelerate the preparation, blending and analysis of large sets of data without moving the data out of a database

Predictive Analytics

  • Move past backwards looking business intelligence and improve future outcomes through easy to use predictive analytics.

R for Big Data Analytics

  • Apply the power of the R statistics and predictive language to your largest and most sophisticated data assets

Sales-force Analytics

  • Enrich CRM data with demographic, firmographic, segmentation, and geo-spatial data, then anticipate customer behavior

SAP Analytics

  • Access, cleanse, blend and analyze business critical SAP data via drag and drop tools with no coding required.

Spatial Analytics

  • Blend spatial data with traditional datasets to drive greater efficiencies, improve operations, and enhance profitability of service, marketing or asset location strategies.

Visual Analytics

  • Deliver the best possible dataset to market-leading visualization products such as Tableau, Microsoft, and Qlik at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.